For the period of May 11 – November 29, 2019 Artlab Yerevan artistic group presents a video installment at Armenian Pavilion at 58th Venice Biennale of Art.
In 2018, as a result of about one month civic street protests the authoritarian regime has been knocked down in Armenia and on May 8 the oppositional leader Nikol Pashiyan by an unprecedented number of democratic support has been elected as a Prime Minister.
Artlab Yerevan’s Revolutionary Sensorium project is the re-presentation of this happening. Four big screens simultaneously demonstrate those protests, turning the viewer as participant, involving them into an impressive political happening.
The political theory in the last ten years has been paying great attention on the relations between the sensorium and politics. Taking from this, we present the relation of sensorium and politics in Armenia’s Revolution as a variety of forces which work with each other and against each other.
One other element of the project is an outdoor performance by artist Narine Arakelian, who reiterated a women-led act of performative disobedience popular during the days of the Revolution.
One part of the project presents the video series entitled "Dialogues about Revolution and Power," which consists of critical reflections and artistic manifestations by female experts, scholars, and queer feminist  activists from Armenia – Gayane Ayvazyan, Ruzanna Grigoryan, Anna  Nikoghosyan and Anna Zhamakochyan – on the topic of the 2018 Armenian 

Curator: Susanna Gyulamiryan
Comissionner: Nazenie Gharibian, Deputy Minister of Culture
Exhibitors: "ArtlabYerevan" Artistic Group and Narine Arakelian
Development manager : Tina Chakarian
Sound specialist Josept Zakarian also acievly cooperated in this project with the group.
58th Biennale of Art curator - May You Live In Interesting Times was curated by Rafph Rugoff.