Artlabyerevan” collective organized the exhibition titled “The possibility of the impossible choice” curated by Arman Grigoryan in the Kapan Modern Art Museum in the frames of the project “The possibility of the impossible choice”.

With Participation of the Kapan Modern Art Museum, the Kapan State College of Arts, “Tsiatsan Leader Education Centr”, KCYC, Kapan Women`s Resource Center, David Kamoyan, Tigran Mangasaryan.

Supported by European Endowment for Democracy.

Contemporary art is necessary for all people to be aware of the problems of modernity, to involve the creative forces in the democratic movements and to make them participants of building a free society.

Our aim is to embrace political and art research, explore and discover the hidden mechanisms that contribute to the dictatorial, exploitative and corrupt systems.

We have chosen the concept of the project “The possibility of the impossible choice” when it already seemed that there was no possibility for choice but some people nevertheless managed to find that possibility to continue the struggle for freedom, justice and equality before the law.

Creativity is part of the human freedom, and it is our function in this exhibition to create the possibility that seems impossible - collaborating with the individuals and non governmental organizations working in Kapan whose activity is aimed at the aforementioned concepts.

The problem of women’s equality and freedom is connected with social practices and among them the most important is labor practice. During Soviet times the overwhelming majority of women in Kapan were not housewives but workers, which was one of thereasons for their emancipation, for acquiring freedom and rights. 

Today these jobs have been lost, and womenare trying to create jobs on their own to become economically and socially independent and self-sufficient.
This video installation is about the women who have created a social enterprise – a sewing workshop with the help of “Kapan Women’s Resource Centre” trying to reaffirm their social self-sufficiency.