Seasonal Matriarchy is a research work realized by means of art. It is about changes in gender roles and, in particular, labor roles in a village, caused by migration. 
The main excuse for migration is the role of men in ‘making money’ while during the migration season women fulfill a number of functions ascribed to men. 
There is a paradox of remote or transnational patriarchy which is formed due to modern technologies. The principal member of family controls the family via skype or iphone. 
Often migrants secure two families- one in their homeland and the other in the country they work.
It seems that due to migration women achieve certain freedom; in fact, the opposite happens. Migration brings additional responsibilities to women but it does not give them any freedom or autonomy.
Money sent by migrant workers can satisfy the vital needs of family. Even it is mostly sent to the mother, not to the wife. Namely, men often supervise the family via Skype while mother-in-laws control them financially.
In our work, women do hard physical work and remain "silent" for their voices are not heard when they speak. Their voices are not perceived as speech but rather as noise, merging with the voices of nature and technology.
We need to get closer to hear them. This is the metaphorical message of our project.

ArtlabYerevan collective