22 August, 2017 - 25 August, 2017

 “ArtLabYerevan” cultural NGO organized a workshop on the theme “The use of mass culture in contemporary art” in the center of Syunik region, Kapan from August 22 to August 25, in the frames of the project ”The possibility of the impossible choice”. The theme of the workshop was one of the most interesting phenomena of mass culture – comics.

The workshop, held in the hall provided by Kapan’s Sunday school, was conducted by painter Tigran Mangasaryan.

The purpose of the workshops was to introduce the young people interested in the subject to the artists’ experience, teach them how the comics are made and how they are used to speak about the political, social and ecological issues.

The workshops lasted four days which allowed the participants to get acquainted with the technical nuances of comics in more depth.

On the first day the participants got general idea about comics, the second day the participants created a general plan for comics and created stories and the next day comics were created based on those stories. The last day of the workshops was dedicated to the summary and the preparation of future plans.

It was agreed to continue the creative cooperation in the second half of September. It is also planned to show the best works in an exhibition that is to be held in November in Kapan.

Օր առաջին The first day

Օր երկրորդ: The second day

Օր երրորդ: The third Day.

Օր չորրորդ: The fourth day