On December 6 Art Laboratory cultural NGO within the framework of “Art activism for Democracy” organized discussion with Aram Manukyan, ANC Member, MP – Aram Manukyan highlights that N1 issue of importance in Armenia now is migration. The migration hits the pension system, education system, defence system. Armenia is now under a serious threat of losing its sovereignity. Armenia’s membership in Eurasian Economic Union will aggravate the process as people will soon have a right to free move among the EEU member states, therefore we have to stop this as soon as possible. So Mr Manukyan advices that instead of thinking what we want to do to save the country, we need to be more realistic, and discuss what in fact is possible to do. Aram Manukyan talked about the role and level of influence of various actors in Armenia. The discussion was well attended and many questions were asked. There were participants from several media, which later covered the discussion, young activists, and several artists and intellectuals. After the presentation the main Q&A was mostly about Armenia- Russia relationship. As the participants were also commenting while asking questions, majority expressed concerns that Armenia’s membership in EEU will be very disastrous for Armenia, unfortunately there is not a single political party now that is ready to adhere anti-Kremlin politics and direction.