Art Laboratory within the frames of “Art activism platform for democracy” project organized “cultural values for all” forum which was attended by civic and political activists, artists, art curators and art critiques. During the forum the country’s cultural policy was discussed and criticized and was labeled it as a very ideological and corrupt. Two strategies were discussed: boycott and intervention. The supports for boycott were assuring that intervention won’t help and won’t change the system and it will take the culture and contemporary art further into corruption. It was also highlighted that it is necessary to enter into the cultural ministry space, inter into official circles and do interventions. The situation was conceptualized as circulation – circulation term-and the situation was assessed as lack of circulation of ideas which leads to a situation where cultural innovations do not happen. It was highlighted the importance of creating contemporary art museum through which the ideas of art innovation will be spread among citizens. The importance of creation of foundations, separate from the authorities was particularly stressed, which will promote the cultural innovations. The main viewpoint of the forum participants was that in spite of discussions there is still a lot to discuss and it was suggested to have such meetings regularly.