“Resistance” exhibition shows the events of March 1, 2008, when the society protesting the results of unfair and non-free elections were met by violent reaction of authorities and persecutions and on March 1st by number of murders.
All state power structures were put against people, including the army.“Resistance” exhibition through video-arts, installations and painting reflected the protesting civil society in 2008 March. The aim was to politicize the public
space and existing prospective of political complaint.The “Mapping” project was a research attempt to find and map the real boundaries of human rights in Armenia. The routes of exhibition organizers are shown in the board. Artlab tried to hold this action in one of the offices of police but the request have been turned down reasoning that this project will not increase the level of aesthetics of police officers.In the environment of fear then a number of art galleries have turned down the request to provide hall for this exhibition. Eventually this took place in MkhitarSebastatsi education complex, in the school of painting.