“ArtLab Yerevan” cultural NGO in the frames of the project “The possibility of impossible choice”  organized a seminar-discussion on the theme “What is contemporary political art?” in the hall provided by the organisation “Article 3”. Speaker Vardan Jaloyan. Afterwards a working group “Contemporary political art” was opened in Facebook social network. Political art is the artist’s responsibility, first of all aesthetic responsibility. Now it is very difficult to do aesthetic art. The aesthetic art is the political because that is the response to the challenges. How to think the political so that it is aesthetic? That is, so that there is taste, choice. Let it be bad taste. The aesthetic choice gives us chance to treat the politicians critically, to make a creative choice. Why are the politicians bad? They offer conformism, it won’t be fine. I propose utopistic perspective, everything will be fine. Why? Because people are good and strive to be better. Art and literature show people’s striving for the better. We don’t have that good thing in us, we have to invent it.
Vardan Jaloyan